Yan and Raul Cover

Yan and Raul

The story of a man, and a woman, ... and a talking dog!

                    Raul wants Yan to romance Raelene and tells him exactly how to do it a la Cyrano de Bergerac.
                 The only problem is - Raul is a dog and Raelene is his owner! Is Raul really a talking dog,
 or is Yan just crazy in love?
 Find out in this fun tale of romance and adventure - Yan and Raul!

Beyond the Road Cover

The Road to the Heart Cover

The Roadless Traveller

The Roadless Traveller makes is a quirky, romantic-comedy, erotic-thriller – with a message! In fact, the depth of enlightened wisdom promises to surprise and delight.

Jack Slack is a bored computer programmer with a valuable secret. When he meets Blazer Madison and Hollie, his whole world gets turned upside down.

During a series of adventures and misadventures, Blazer teaches Jack that the most important thing in life is happening right now! While Hollie teaches him everything he's ever wanted to know about love and sex.

Intriguing, exciting, sexy and fun, you won't want this book to end!

Beyond The Road

“Room Service!”

Once you read S Sëan Tretheway’s Beyond the Road, your meaning of the phrase “Room Service” will be forever altered – in a fantastic way!

As a standalone sequel to The Roadless Traveller, here we follow Jack Slack, the socially inept computer programmer, who is swept into a series of adventures with the eloquent, mysterious Blazer Madison and the enigmatic, super-sexy Hollie.

This feel-good story is about one man’s journey off the road and onto the high seas. Attempting to escape his past, Jack joins Blazer on a homebuilt cement sailboat headed for the South Pacific. Once there, Jack faces all his inner demons, learning that one’s reality is whatever you decide to make it.

  The Road to the Heart

All we really want is to connect! With a plethora of ways to connect in this modern world, why is it that so many feel lonelier than ever? Here is the story of one man's quest to connect and how two amazing women help him to find his way!

In the latest instalment of The Roadless Traveller series we catch up with the free-spirited, sexually enlightened and ever-wise pair, Hollie and Cynthia. After spending months visiting Hollie’s Guru in India, the girls are back in LA. Secrets from the Ashram emerge, while fresh adventures unfold.

Introducing new concepts and a cast of new colourful characters, including Jarmillion – the worst pick-up artist on the planet! With a sexualising mentality and a collection of cheesy pick-up lines, is he forever doomed in love and intimacy? Or can Hollie’s special skills help reverse his negative energy and teach him to connect with the heart?

Journey through the smokescreen of magic and mystery, lust and seduction, trickery and truth. Travel amid intrigue, yearning and misguided intention, with humorous surprises along the way. Lift the illusionary haze to discover an illuminated higher path – The Road to the Heart.


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