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S. Sëan Tretheway was born in Inglewood, California.  When he was seven, he caught the magic bug and performed as Sëando the Magician, charging fifty cents a show. 

At the age of twenty he helped build a cement boat with his sister and brother-in-law, Roxanne and Jeannot, in their backyard, which they then sailed from Los Angeles to Tahiti. 

After six months island hopping in the South Pacific, Sëan moved on to New Zealand, where he spent another six months hitch-hiking the North Island. 

In 1977, Sëan came to Australia to continue his adventure. 

In 1983, he found Noosa and realized that his childhood hobby as magician could earn him a full-time living.  Sëan has been entertaining residents and visitors to Noosa for twenty-five years.  During this time he entertained thousands of visitors from all over the world.  He has also been flown all over Australia for corporate functions and television spots, as well as a six week stint in Japan.

For seven years, Sëan produced and presented a radio program for Noosa Community Radio which focused on the local music scene.

Sëan has two sons, Alex and James who are hip-hop musicians.

In 2005, Sëan decided to pursue another dream and write a book, which he completed in thirty days by following a unique system devised by Chris Baty (

Sëan spent the next three years rewriting and editing the book, shaping and creating the final version of The Roadless Traveller, which was released in early February, 2008.

For the next three years, Sëan travelled, performed magic and had many adventures all the while completing Beyond The Road - the stand alone sequel to The Roadless Traveller.

Sëan got rid of most of his 'stuff', moved into his van (named 'Beyond'), and became the Roadless Traveller - adventuring around the country, performing magic (, and promoting his book wherever he went! 

In 2013, Sëan found himself house-sitting at a writer's paradise called Pheasantville.  He was called to write another book and started The Road to the HeartAfter another four years of re-writing and a professional edit by Joanne Lance, it is now available for sale.  Sëan still lives in Noosa, rides his bike to the beach every day and performs magic regularly around town and all over Australia. He also has a podcast on which he talks to various Roadless Travellers he encounters on his adventures. You can listen to it by clicking here.


andPhoto by Tilly Hinton

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